ASU staff and faculty: Volunteer to help with Convocation!

How to volunteer

The Fulton Schools has a new volunteer platform that will streamline the volunteer signups for all upcoming events, including Spring 2024 convocation.

Step 1: Submit your volunteer application

Answer some basic questions to create your volunteer profile. You will only need to complete this initial process once. Your profile will be saved, and you can update it in the future.

Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • ASU email
  • First name, last name
  • Classification (staff, student, faculty, etc.)
    • If you are a student and student worker, your classification is student.
  • Fulton Schools unit
    • All FSE units are listed using an abbreviation (ECC=Engineering Career Center, LTH=Learning and Teaching Hub, etc.). If you are not part of FSE, you can select “other” and type in your unit.
  • Mobile phone number
    • NOTE: You will be given the option to consent to text messages. We encourage you to give your consent so if you are volunteering at an event and there is an emergency it can be quickly communicated. Or, if there is a last-minute time change you can be notified via text rather than referencing your email.
  • T-shirt size
    • Not all volunteering opportunities will come with a shirt. Should a role come with one, we will use the size you indicate in your volunteer profile.
  • Dietary restrictions
    • Not all volunteering opportunities come with food. Should a role include food, we will accommodate the dietary restrictions you indicate in your profile.

Step 2: Register for volunteer roles

Once your profile is completed and approved (please allow up to 72 business hours), you can view and register for volunteer roles across multiple events by accessing the volunteer landing page.

Within your profile, you can track your volunteer hours and modify/cancel registered shifts.

Volunteer role descriptions

*All roles are to be filled by staff or faculty. Student workers need prior approval.*

Diploma cover stuffing

Diploma Cover Stuffing includes stuffing over 2,000 diploma covers with our custom made congratulations message. Snacks, music and a good time are provided! This role does not come with a volunteer polo.

Graduate check-in

Graduate Check-in volunteers staff the check-in tables and manage the flow where graduates arrive to pickup their readers card (a physical card they need to walk across stage) before entering the field to take their seat. This area does get busy and congested so if you are uncomfortable in tight spaces then this role is probably not for you.

Pre-ceremony grad seating

Pre-ceremony grad seating volunteers are on the field guiding graduates to their seats after they have picked up their readers card but before the ceremony begins. You also help manage the flow on the field. We will have entertainment on the field during this time so it gives you a chance to hang with graduates and congratulate the ones you personally know!

Faculty room

Faculty Room volunteers staff the faculty room and check-in the stage party, hand out necessary supplies, and manage the flow in the room. They also help lineup the stage party before walking them to the field for the processional.

Stage team

We have various roles within the stage team, like handing out diploma covers, collecting readers cards as graduates enter the stage, managing the flow of graduates on the ramp, etc. These volunteers will be on stage for the duration of the ceremony. You will be assigned a specific role on stage prior to the ceremony and specific roles will be reviewed during training.

Field team

Field team volunteers will be on the field at the start of the ceremony until the conclusion of the ceremony. Once graduates start crossing the stage, your role will be to help manage the flow of graduates as they enter and exit. You will be assigned an area to manage and that will be reviewed during training. There’s no better view of the ceremony then being in the middle of it!


If you have any questions, contact Elizabeth Cross at [email protected].