What to wear

How to wear your regalia

A guide to dressing for ASU graduation ceremonies

The spotlight is on you!

Did you know a graduation cap is called a mortarboard? Wondering how, exactly, to wear that mortarboard? Curious how to show off that master’s degree hood that isn’t really a “hood?” Wondering what a “tam” is?

ASU regalia is required attire at all ASU and Fulton Schools graduation events, so follow the tips below to look your best!

What is regalia?

Regalia is an outer layer of special occasion clothing that consists of a cap, gown and any other special attire worn by a graduate at a graduation ceremony. 

Regalia is required

An ASU cap and gown (regalia) is required attire for all graduates. Master’s and doctoral graduates need to have degree-specific regalia. Regalia is to be worn over your own clothing, which is also required.

Carry your regalia to the ceremony

Regalia may not be worn until after you pass through security. So carry it to your Convocation and other graduation events, then put it on after you go through security.

Where do I get my regalia?

There are lots of options for purchasing your cap and gown. We’ve made a handy guide with all the dates and locations, online and in person, where you can buy your regalia. Check it out!

Which degree did you earn?

Watch the video for your degree-specific regalia to learn how to wear it well!




More regalia information

Want to know more? You can learn more about how to wear your cap, gown, stole, honor cords, hood, tam and more. You can even learn how to iron your gown to get the wrinkles out and look as sharp as you can for your big day!