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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering | Convocation

What is the difference between commencement and convocation?

Commencement ceremonies are the official graduation events for the university open to all graduating students regardless of what school they are graduating from.

Convocations are celebrations of graduating engineering students and their achievements.

During the University’s undergraduate commencement ceremony, President Crow confers degrees upon all ASU bachelor candidates by schools (not individually). All Fulton Schools of Engineering students are recognized together and do not individually cross the stage.

During the University’s graduate commencement, President Crow confers degrees upon all ASU graduate students (master’s and doctoral candidates). Masters candidates will be hooded at Graduate Commencement but will not be called individually to cross the stage.
Doctoral candidates will be hooded, have their names called and cross the stage individually to receive congratulations.


Fulton Schools of Engineering Convocation

Sparky at the Fall 2017 Fulton Schools Convocation The Fulton Schools of Engineering Convocation is a high-spirited celebration of our graduating students. You will be individually recognized for your academic achievement, and your name will be read as you cross the stage. You will be able to sit with friends in your program — so long as you show up on time and are seated 20 min before ceremony starts!

Doctoral candidates will be hooded during the convocation ceremony, but master candidates will not be hooded.

Read the FAQ and information about our convocation ceremony.

We are so happy you’re graduating! Make sure to mark your calendars for Commencement and Fulton Schools Convocation, we can’t wait to see you there.

Commencement vs. Convocation FAQ

I applied for graduation. Do I need to RSVP to attend Commencement or Convocation?

Yes, you still need to RSVP for the ceremonies you plan on attending.
Applying for graduation— and paying your graduation fee — is a University requirement
to process your degree after coursework is complete and issue your diploma. However, it does not have any saying on what ceremonies you want to attend and you can graduate without attending any ceremony.


Can I attend multiple ceremonies?

Yes! You can attend several different graduation ceremonies including University Commencement, Fulton Schools Convocation and Special Interest Convocations. Registering for each ceremony ensures that you and your guests will have seats at each event.

Learn more about University ceremonies


What are the Special Interest Convocations?

ASU hosts some Special Interest Convocations. Visit the Special Interest Convocations website for more information.