What is the difference between Commencement and Convocation?

Convocation – a ceremony just for Fulton Schools graduates

The Fulton Schools Convocation ceremonies are a high-spirited celebration of graduating Fulton Schools (only) students and their achievements, presented by the Fulton Schools for our graduates and their families.

We have two Convocation ceremonies: Undergraduate and Graduate. The Undergraduate Convocation is for bachelor’s degree graduates, and the Graduate Convocation is for master’s and PhD graduates.

You cross the stage at your Fulton Schools Convocation ceremony, not at the ASU Commencement.

The latest information on the Fulton Schools Convocation is always found on this website.

Other ASU Convocations

Other departments and schools across ASU also have Convocation ceremonies.

There are also ASU Special Interest Convocations for graduates who identify with particular groups.

Commencement – the ASU graduation ceremony

ASU Commencement ceremonies are the official graduation events for the university open to all graduating students from any ASU department or school.

Undergraduate Commencement

During the ASU undergraduate commencement ceremony, President Crow confers degrees upon all ASU bachelor candidates by schools (not individually). All Fulton Schools of Engineering students are recognized together and do not individually cross the stage.

Graduate Commencement

During the University’s graduate commencement, President Crow confers degrees upon all ASU graduate students (master’s and doctoral candidates). Masters candidates will be hooded at Graduate Commencement but will not be called individually to cross the stage. Doctoral candidates will be hooded, have their names called and cross the stage individually to receive congratulations.

See the schedule for all ASU graduation celebrations.

May I participate in both ceremonies? Yes!

You may participate in both the ASU Commencement ceremony and the Fulton Schools Convocation that is appropriate for your degree (undergraduate or graduate).

The ASU Commencement ceremonies usually have a well-known keynote speaker and are great opportunities to celebrate with friends who are outside of your school or department.

The Fulton Schools Convocations are high-spirited, fun, and entertaining, and give you a chance to experience a more smaller, more personal celebration!

Plus, you get to cross the stage and hear your name read at your Fulton Schools Convocation.