Virtual ceremony FAQ

Sample of the virtual social scene for the Fulton Schools spring 2021 Convocation

Joining the ceremony

Get ready in advance

  1. Watch for your invitation from RSVP Yes when you receive it. Customize your avatar now to save time on Monday. Invitations started going out on Friday, April 30.
  2. The event starts at 8:30 a.m. MST — you cannot enter before this time. Watch for a reminder email that may arrive right at 8:30 or a few minutes before or after.
  3. Need support? Contact with your concerns.

Allow the use of your camera and microphone

In order to talk to people, use video chat and take a “digital takeaway” photo at the end, you must allow the application to use your computer camera and microphone.

Look for the permissions popup window and click “Allow.”

camera permissions screenshot

What can I do once I join?

Move around

Explore Old Main by moving your avatar around the space.

Screen shot of the virtual ceremony controls


Use your arrow keys or W, A, S and D keys to move around.


Click and drag a place on your screen to look in any direction.


Unmute your microphone and talk or connect with someone using chat.

Know the people around you

Different people have different color avatars:

  • Students = maroon
  • Faculty = black
  • Visitor = dark gray
  •  Fulton Schools staff = light gray
  •  Concierge = blue

Need help? Approach any concierge (blue avatar) and ask a question.

You have an avatar, too

Just like in real life, you won’t see your own avatar but your friends will!


Example of a blue volunteer avatar

Get help from any concierge!

screenshot of a group chatting in the virtual ceremony

Search to find your friends quickly

To find your friends quickly, click on the chat icon in the lower center of your screen. from there you can search for your friends by name. 

Once found, you have three options:

  1. Go to – You will be moved immediately to your friend’s location.
  2. Chat – a chat window will open. 
  3. Call – speak in person over video in real time.

Chats and calls may have up to 8 participants. For calls, you will be moved to a “Zoom-like” environment where you will see your chosen participants on video. When you end your video chat, you will return to the Old Main environment.

It is a big event! You may have to switch “rooms.”

If you search and “go to” a friend, you may get asked to join another “room.” Say yes!

There will be multiple Old Main “rooms” to ensure everyone has plenty of space to socialize. “Rooms” are limited to 60 people, but you will still get connected to your friends via search.

How do I speak “in person?”

Much like a real event, to speak to someone, move to the person, unmute your mic and start talking! The closer you get, the easier it is to hear.

Don’t forget you can use the “Go to” feature to move to another person immediately. (Chat button > search for person > Go to).

microphone icon in muted mode When the mic is red, you are muted.

microphone icon in the green unmuted modeWhen the mic is green, you can be heard and green sound bars will appear above your avatar. When people speak, the green bars are animated.

Concierge avatar with green sound bars over her head

emoticon menuShare a feeling!

Feeling happy? Thrilled to see a friend? Click on the emoji menu to create a little flurry of emojis around your avatar for all to see.

Clap, send some love, give a thumbs up or even show your ASU pride with a pitchfork!

The big picture

Click on this image to sen an enlarged view of the Old Main environment and controls for the virtual ceremony.

View of the Old Main event environment

What if I have trouble?

If you need help, approach a concierge (blue avatar). Or, click on the Chat button in lower left corner.

Chat button

You will see tips to help your experience, and you can chat with a live customer service representative.

When in doubt, refresh your browser.


Chat window options

What happens at 9 a.m.?

The party moves to Sun Devil Stadium

At 9 a.m., the Fulton Schools Convocation becomes live on YouTube Premieres. But you won’t have to go anywhere! When the time comes, you will be “transported” to Sun Devil Stadium and will watch the ceremonies there.

Do not leave the virtual ceremony, just sit back and enjoy the show!

During the Convocation program you will not be able to move around or talk, but you can use your emote button to share emojis!

If you want to rewatch any part of the video, it will be available on YouTube anytime after the premiere.

Will my family get to see my slide?

Yes! During the virtual ceremony there will be a time when your graduate slide is displayed just for you and the people you invited. Other people will see their grad slide.

When the ceremony is over, you can watch our graduation video and see all the graduates’ slides, including your own.

What happens when Convocation is over?

When the Convocation video is over, you will be returned to the Old Main environment for a little more socializing with friends and your guests.

Will I get any kind of keepsake from this event?

At the end of the event you can create a keepsake image by snapping a selfie against an ASU backdrop. Follow the prompts to create and download your keepsake image.